JND Properties, LLC has managed the land development process and construction of first class master planned communities.
Since 1986, the company has facilitated a number of distinctive communities and has constructed many high-quality custom homes of notable value. An integral part of the JND Properties, LLC’s core strategy for developing real estate has always been to create value for homeowners. Convinced that creating value start with land design, JND Properties, LLC’s focus has been on developing master planned communities with unique architecture and amenities and by doing so have rightfully earned a reputation for being progressive and original. A JND Properties, LLC home or community is synonymous with high quality and value. (See development for a sample of our completed communities.)

Since inception in 1985, Joseph DeNardo’s Companies, have been totally focused on providing master planned communities that have unique characteristics and identity. Each community is designed with the goal of providing exceptional value for owners: with security, privacy, and individuality being the base site planning elements.

All of JND Properties, LLC’s communities’ feature macro landscaping – a concept that includes tree lined streets, sidewalks, stone entrances with granite identification, as well as recreational amenities. Swimming pools, putting greens, walking trails, and ample open spaces are standard benchmarks that distinguish JND Properties, LLC’s communities from others. Macro landscaping has enables JND Properties, LLC’s communities to be differentiated from others and has created the foundation for property appreciation continuously through time.